10 Creative Ways you Can Support Small Business Owners in 2021

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December 18, 2020

What’s inside this article: 2020 made it pretty apparent that big box stores don’t need the extra money, and now is the time to start supporting small businesses in any way you possibly can. Here’s 10 ways you can support small in 2021.


We have been loving the amount of social media buzz around buying local and supporting small businesses. The sense of community, support and pride is so heart-warming to see because by supporting small, you are putting a smile on someone’s face, validating their work and getting something unique (and probably not found anywhere else) for you.

Which is a win-win right? 

So, we wanted to up the ante and make it easy for you to make a small business owner’s day.

How, you ask? Well, here are some ideas…


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Here are 10 Creative Ways you Can Support Small Business Owners in 2021

1. Engage with them on social media

This is a sure-fire way to support small businesses and help them grow and gain more exposure. Liking a post costs nothing, but it can show you care. A comment is a great source of feedback, plus it helps fellow scrollers see the business’s happy followers and popularity. A follow helps them to know that there are people out there who like what they are doing and want to see more. 

Why not share their posts on your Instagram stories? This lets your friends know about this great business and drives traffic to their site. So, next time you’re scrolling, take a minute to appreciate your favourite businesses.


2. Send them a personal message

That’s right, slide into their DM’s, send an email, or if you visit their shop have a conversation. We all love a bit of praise and this will really make their day.


3. Spread the word and share with your friends and family

There is nothing like finding a product that you fall immediately in love with. When you do, don’t keep it to yourself! Tell your friends and family and share it with the world. This is what the Girl Gang Canada is all about, and we do this all the time with all of our lovely members’ products. For example, we can’t get enough of the gorgeous essential oil soap by Essentially LIT; the spiced plum is perfect for this time of year.

Word of mouth will always be a great way to support your favourite businesses.


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4. Write a positive review

According to Podium, 93% of consumers say online reviews have an impact on their purchase decision. Now, that is pretty high. Reviews have the power to turn a potential customer into a buyer. So next time, if you can, take those few minutes to write that review for your favourite small business.

Oh by the way, if you would like to write a review and upload a photo of any of The Girl Gang’s products, we shoot you over a sweet little discount code.


5. Consider your essentials vs. non-essentials. Ask yourself, what do you need to buy from the big stores and what can you find elsewhere?

This is a big one. We are not saying that’s easy but it’s definitely achievable over time. Have a think about what you currently buy when you do your big Walmart shop. Now, can you find something better, maybe more eco-friendly from a small local business? With coronavirus, a lot of small businesses moved to online sales, so it's now easier than ever to try and make the switch and get it delivered right to your door.

Why not swap plastic wrap for this eco-friendly and reusable food wrap from Beekeeper Wraps? Or swap your normal maple syrup to the delicious Barrel Aged Bourbon Maple Syrup from Wabanaki Maple. We promise, you won’t regret it!


6. Buy a gift card

Buying a gift card is an easy and immediate way to support your favourite shop, local theatre, photographer, hair salon, the list is endless. They get a financial boost and you have the joy of treating yourself to something in the future.

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7. Buy from local markets and independent shops

These are the homes of some of the best small, artisanal and creative businesses. You can find so many gems that you will never find in the big stores. 

Take the Grove Soap Co, they are masters of blending plant-based oils to create the most wonderfully scented products. Their charcoal and rose clay face bar is a firm favourite. Or, if you are looking for some fun home decor, Knacks signs fit your every thought.


8. Sign up for their email list

This is the best way to keep up to date with your favourite small businesses. You will be the first to hear about their promotions, best-sellers and new releases. Show your enthusiasm and loyalty and who knows what you might get in return.


9. Avoid refunds and postpone instead of cancelling

Coronavirus laid waste to some of our most exciting plans and made huge changes to our day-to-day lives. But, the world will get back to normal. So, if you can, in order to support small businesses, why not accept that credit note or gift voucher to use in the future, rather than asking for a refund. You could really make a difference.


10. Use the Girl Gang Canada members directory to find some incredible small businesses

We are making it even easier for you to support local businesses by having a huge range of vendors at your fingertips. You can search by member or by collection, and find some of the most incredible things, from fashion to homeware, food to jewelry. Everyone here has their eye on this cosy teddy coat by Sadi & Sari.


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So there you have it. Let’s carry on supporting our favourite small businesses in whichever ways we can. Alongside supporting someone’s dream, you are also making an environmentally friendly, economically savvy choice. So go on, make someone’s day.

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