A Canadian Clothing Style Guide to Take You Into Late Summer & Fall!

Canadian clothing style

Are you looking for a new and unique Canadian clothing style guide? Check out and support these 12 amazing brands that are found right here in Canada.


Though the summer is quickly coming to an end, our love for all things Canadian clothing and fashion will never disappear. Check out some of our favourite looks this season and enjoy the last month of summer in these wardrobe-essentials. Everything from our favourite go-to basics to stylish jewelry, we’ve rounded up 12 unique brands across Canada that are worth spending your money on.


Canadian clothing style



1. Mimi & August - Bathing suits for Every Size

It only makes sense to start this Canadian Clothing Style Guide off with this Montreal based eco bathing suit brand. Mimi & August celebrates every body and offers sizes that go up to a size 22. Check out their body-positive, high quality, and affordable swimwear!

Canadian clothing style


2. Sadi & Sari - Boho Chic Online Fashion

Sadi & Sari is a London, Ontario based women’s online fashion boutique. This stylish boutique offers customers beautiful, boho chic, west coast, vacation-inspired clothing, and accessories that will keep you looking fabulous all year long!


Canadian clothing style


3. Someday Accessories - Handmade Hair Accessories & Secondhand Home Decor

Someday Accessories is a hair accessory and secondhand home decor, owned by two twin sisters. They strive for sustainability and aim to produce as little waste as possible. From sourcing salvaged fabrics, shipping with reused and recyclable materials, to designing products that are meant to last, they hope to bring some responsibility made joy. All their products are handmade and locally sourced in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 


Canadian clothing style


4. Ilys Apparel - Designer Brands at an Affordable Price

If you want on-trend, higher-end clothing and shoes by designer brands, Ilys Apparel has got it all.


Canadian clothing style


5. Huron Glass - Jewelry Inspired by the Beach

Huron Glass promotes handcrafted, one of a kind, eco-friendly jewelry using beach glass sourced in Canada. All of their pieces reflect a minimal, beach-inspired design that captures the beauty of Lake Huron.


Canadian clothing style


6. Mary Young - Functional & Comfortable Lingerie

Toronto designed, Mary Young, launched her lingerie brand in 2014. The brand offers functional lingerie and loungewear that celebrates the natural shape and encourages body positivity.


Canadian clothing style


7. Girl Gang Canada - Comfortable Apparel to Represent Your Crew

Here are some comfortable styles for those long days on the beach and those late summer nights by the campfire, made in Sarnia, Ontario by The Girl Gang Canada.


Canadian clothing style


8. Liz & Lottie - Unique accessories for Women

Liz and Lottie has all the summer accessories you need. This one-stop online shop has a wide variety of unique items for every occasion.


Canadian clothing style


 9. Emily Thai Jewelry - Beautiful Jewelry Designs Using Gemstones

Find the perfect unique, locally made complementary piece for your wardrobe from Em Thai Designs. 

Canadian clothing style


10. Cadine - Fashion from the Earth

Cadine is a lifestyle brand creating sophisticated and timeless pieces for you and your home. They focus on bringing natural materials and minimal design to clientele that values quality over excess. This 100% genuine leather sandal with natural extracts from chestnut and mimosa tree bark is the perfect summer shoe.


Canadian clothing style


 11. KnacksShop - Handmade Fashion & Home Decor

Complete your summer outfits with this denim adjustable embroidered peach hat made by KNACKs shop in Sarnia, Ontario. 


Canadian clothing style


12. Spa Rituals - Facemasks for the Future

Last but not least, we wanted to end with these reusable, adjustable and washable face masks made by Spa Rituals. It looks like we’ll be wearing face cloths for a while, so we might as well invest in an aesthetically pleasing one! 


Canadian clothing style


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