How to Create the Best Custom Packaging With Branded Stickers for Your Small Business

How to Create the Best Custom Packaging With Branded Stickers for Your Small Business

September 04, 2022

Do you feel overwhelmed with the business competition going around? You were thinking about how to stand out in a world full of “me too” products. 

Starting a small business can be daunting, especially when raising brand awareness. But like any other problem, there is a solution for that. Knowing your product's unique selling proposition gives you an advantage.

One key difference is to pay attention to your product packaging. Did you know that custom packaging boxes could create a positive first impression? The design and materials you use could influence consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Listed below are the best ways to help you create the best custom packaging with branded stickers. Ready to set apart from the others and impress your consumers? Let us start!

1. Select a Reliable Packaging Supplier

Investing in your custom packaging will always involve time and money. Having someone to do it for you is more efficient than doing it yourself. Why? Because packaging suppliers are experts in their field. You could provide them with the instruction you want, and they could give you suggestions to meet your expectations.

It pays to select a reliable packaging supplier which provides a high-quality outcome and quick turnaround time.

2. Pick a Sustainable Material

Knowing what materials to use for your custom packaging is crucial. Most Canadian prefer a sustainable and eco-friendly type of custom packaging. Consider your consumers' preferences when choosing materials aside from the design.

You are not only attracting potential customers but also helping the environment to remain clean and green.

3. Keep it Simple and Unique

Do you believe the proverb that says "less is more"? What does it mean? It means that you should be mindful of the design, colour, and other elements you wish to put in your custom packaging. 

Your goal is to present the product in packaging that looks inviting and engaging. But exaggerating the design could ruin everything. Keep it simple and unique, and see that the custom packaging reflects the product.


4. Add Branded Stickers

Do you want to spice up and add more life to your custom packaging? Adding printed vinyl stickers sounds brilliant if your product's nature is more exposed to water and sunlight. It is also perfect for box labelling and sealing which makes it a perfect combo for your desired custom packaging design.

5. Consistent Brand Personality

The level of expectation you present in the packaging should reflect the product inside. You would not want to disappoint your consumers, would you? Consistent brand personality is the key! You have to deliver what your product has promised.

It gives your consumer a thrill when they unbox your product delivered to their doorstep. 

Final Thoughts

Now is the best time to level up from the competition. Replace traditional packaging with sophisticated custom packaging using high-quality custom stickers. StickerCanada, a Canada-based sticker printing company, reached out to us, and offered free stickers, and of course we are happy to collaborate with them. I know I could trust them for our sticker labelling and branding needs. 

If you are looking for high-quality stickers for your promotional needs, you can check their products here -

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