Forget Big Box, Shop Small This Holiday With These 18 “Made in Canada” Gift Ideas

Forget Big Box, Shop Small This Holiday With These 18 “Made in Canada” Gift Ideas

November 09, 2020

What’s inside this article: This year why not shop small for the holidays with the best made in Canada gifts from female entrepreneurs! Here are some of our holiday’s finest!


We all enjoy the festivities of the holidays: the Christmas markets, seeing Santa at the mall, enjoying the special Holiday drinks at Starbucks, decorating your home with tinsel and a tree!

One thing that many do NOT like about the Holidays is the added stress of finding presents for our family and friends that are affordable, thoughtful, good quality AND that they will love!

Rest assured, your Holiday Gift Giving experience will be easier than years before because you can find a roundup of the best made in Canada holiday gift ideas everyone on your list will enjoy this year.

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Shop Small This Holiday With These 18 “Made in Canada” Gifts


For the Fashionista on Your List

Rose & Grace Designs - Walnut Leopard Earrings

These fun leopard earrings are made with white pearl acrylic and walnut hardwood. They are very light weight and fabulous with any Holiday outfit!

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The Girl Gang Canada - White Peachy Toque

The Girl Gang Canada's exclusive GRLGNG apparel is made right here in Canada from a local supplier. You can give the gift of coziness with our white fitted toque, accented by peachy embroidered logo.


Give the gift of coziness this winter with our white fitted toque, accented by peachy embroidered logo. Exclusive Girl Gang Canada merchandise!



The perfect Holiday dress is here! The She's Wild Leopard Dress is a super cute short sleeved dress with a fun leopard print and ruffle details on the sleeves and bottom of the dress. This dress is fully lined with a stretch comfort liner and pockets in the front.


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For the Homebody Who Loves to Stay Cozy

HomebodyHILL - Homebody Crewneck

When Friday night plans involve takeout, wine and the couch, this Home Body Crew Neck is the perfect sweater for the athleisure lover in all of us. Homebody Hill is a Canadian, female-driven, leisure wear brand, located in Ontario.


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Come Clean - Rose Clay Mask

That cold and bitter winter air is no match for this Rose Clay Mask by Come Clean. Made with all-natural ingredients, it will leave your face feeling fresh, clean and rejuvenated.


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Miel by Bisou - Cinnamon Bark Honey

The perfect Made in Canada gift idea is also the perfect made in Canada stocking stuffer. Miel by Bisou's unpasteurized wildflower, cinnamon bark honey is naturally infused with organic ingredients with no added sugar or artificial flavoring. Perfect in any hot or iced drink, swirl it in Greek yogurt or on top of a biscuit - the options are endless.


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For the Gift Box Givers

Can’t decide on just one gift for that special someone? These Exclusive Girl Gang Merch boxes are the perfect gift that’s already boxed.

Oh, and did we mention that our Gift boxes are currently on sale? Make sure you are on our email list for exclusive discounts, promotional deals, event dates that only subscribers get access to.

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The Canadian Girl Gang Pack

1 - Wabanaki Maple Syrup

1 - Eatables Peach Bellini Popcorn

1 - Crew Sweater "Girl Gang Canada"

1 - Girl Gang Sticker

1 - GRL GNG exclusive toque

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The Girl Gang Babes Pack

1 - Sarcastic Dishcloth

1 - Boss Babe Bangle

1 - Crew Sweater "GIRL GANG x5"

1 - 1 Girl Gang Sticker

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The Girl Gang Peachy Pack

1 - Peach Bath Bomb

1 - Peach Lip Balm

1 - Crew Sweater "Peaches with Dreams"

1 - 1 Girl Gang Sticker

1 - Peach & Prosecco 6 oz Candle

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For the Eco Conscious

RAW Nails - Nail Polish (I Changed My Mind)

Nothing screams “Holiday Season” more than rocking a traditional red nail. All RAW Nails polishes are 100% Vegan, cruelty-free, parabens and phthalate free to ensure you always look and feel your best during the Holidays.


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BeeKeeper Wraps - Beeswax Food Wraps

Keep Holiday leftovers fresh with these made in Canada handmade beeswax wraps - made out of 100% cotton, Essex County beeswax from Sun Parlour Honey, organic jojoba oil, and pine resin. These wraps are reusable for up to one year and come in packs of three.

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Huron Glass - Lake Huron Beach Glass Jewelry 

Capture the beauty of the lake with Huron Glass's minimal, beach-inspired necklaces, rings and bracelets. Each handcrafted piece is unique in that each piece of beach glass is hand-picked & unaltered.


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For the Trendy Trend Setter

Spa Rituals - Scrunchies

These scrunchies go with any outfit! They come in a variety of colors including blue, black, orange sparkle, and beige sparkle. Add these as a stocking stuffer, or pair with another one of our gift guide items!


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Sunbalm Jewelry - Dainty Arrow Necklace

These Sunbalm Jewelry Dainty Arrow Necklaces can be worn short or long! We love her variations and badass look with a feminine touch.


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Olive Branch Studio - Macrame Wall Hangings

Holiday decorating gifts never go out of style. These gorgeous, handcrafted and made here in Canada macrame pieces by Olive Branch Studio will have any space feeling merry and bright, with a hint of boho.


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For The Unique Gift Lover

Lace & Twig - Hand-Stamped Ceramic Mugs

These typewriter style stamped coffee mugs are perfect mom and dad who like a little giggle with their morning cup of jo.


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Bevel & Barrel - Black Walnut Wood Charcuterie Board

Everyone loves a classic charcuterie platter - so, what better gift to give then a handmade black walnut charcuterie board with a handle. If they like to host parties, this is the perfect gift for them.

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Knacks - Funky Socks

Chances are mom and dad bought you socks for Christmas each year as a kid? Tis’ the season of giving, and giving these funny socks are a great reminder of all the years socks ended up in your stocking from Santa.

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Gift giving "Made in Canada Style" just got a whole lot easier this year! Shop small, shop Canada brands this year and support your local economy in the most unique way possible.

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