10 Easy Ways to Help Support Local Businesses Without Breaking Bank!

10 Easy Ways to Help Support Local Businesses Without Breaking Bank!

May 12, 2020

10 Easy Ways to Help Support Local Businesses Without Breaking Bank


If 2020 were a person…

In all honesty, though, 2019 was a great time to be a small business. Not too sure about you, but we were starting to get fed up with big box stores like Walmart and Loblaws. Trends also predicted there would be an increase in local support and consumers looking towards companies that have holistic internal practices (meaning they care about stuff and things…)

Then coronavirus hit and small-scale local businesses took a back seat to mega-corporations who offered products and services for a slashed fee. Not only that, but many local businesses did not simply have the capacity to support online sales as they fully relied on foot traffic and word-of-mouth.

What’s a community to do?


Why Should You Support Local Businesses?

Supporting local has a positive impact on the businesses that you choose to support and it has some major and economic and environmental benefits! With less carbon emission from shipping overseas, more job opportunities and business growth locally and you know you’re getting your products from people that you care about.

Except, you might be budgeting right now because your job was impacted by COVID19. So, we want to make this easy (and cost-effective) for you too.


Here are 10 Easy Ways to Help Support Local Businesses Without Breaking Bank!

1. Stock up on gifts and gift cards for upcoming birthdays

You probably know a handful of people with upcoming birthdays that you’re going to have to spend some money on. So why not get ahead? You can support small Canadian businesses by purchasing gift cards from local companies. Why not write a supportive message mentioning that you chose to support local on their behalf this year?

For example, if you know someone who’s interested in their health and wellness, have them purchase a gift card from Nurturing You Wellness or Jessica Lynn Fitness Studio.


2. Switch up your purchases from large chains to smaller companies with similar products 

It’s not easy to get 100% of what you buy from small businesses. That requires a lot of running around to different stores and calling different companies to see what’s in stock. If you’re busy, hitting Walmart or Superstore might be an easy option for you.

However, there are some things you can easily switch up like skincare items and clothing. Check out Wondermama Bodycare’s bath bombs and shower smoothies, or 519 Boutique’s spring and summer fashion line.


3. Get Healthy, Locally!

How many times have you said that you’re going to support local businesses, but then opted for an easy online fitness app or bought food from a large chain supermarket?

Your local community has many options for health and wellness and because there are so many options, we just know there is a local fitness instructor out there to suit your unique needs. For example, Chantelle from Rythmn & Beet Collective offers barre workshops and weekly classes (both online and offline), and Stacey from GRL Fitness offers online support for women who are looking to reclaim their health.

 Support Local Businesses

4. Check out artisanal goods & learn about your local artists

It doesn’t matter what community you live in, there’s always the most talented people who have small businesses and do it out of passion, not profit. Do you know of a local artist who has mastered their craft?

For example, Grove Soap Co. has truly mastered the art of soap making. Walking through our downtown shop, the smell of her magical soaps pretty much takes over the store. Using natural bases, botanicals and essential oils, her soaps are soft to the touch, completely natural and SO pretty!


5. Get prepared for online and offline workshops!

Have you ever wanted to take up a hobby or learn a new skill? It’s likely that one of the small, local businesses that you know and love, offers workshops and classes.

Olive Branch Studio has hosted macramé classes at the Sarnia Downtown Market and The Painted Cat often hosts workshops locally.

Getting back to getting social might not be an easy thing, but with the use of the internet, fortunately, it won’t be that hard and it’s a great way to show local support by learning something new.


6. Shift to sustainable, botanical-based brands

We know the negative effect that harsh chemicals have on both the environment and our bodies! Formulas that contain ingredients like parabens and perfumes have been studied and linked to being endocrine disruptors, so why not start to make the shift to natural brands like Essentially LIT? This local company sells stuff for your home, skin and laundry and it’s all made from natural essences and plants.


7. Save money buying brands you didn’t even know existed

If you’re all for new fashion and beauty trends and tend to search for the hottest items, why not subscribe to a Canadian subscription box that will bring you some of the highest-quality Canadian products for a fraction of the price? The Gift Refinery hand-selects all of her boxed items from brands made here in our lovely country, worth over $200 but can be purchased all for less than $100.


8. Save money on high-fashion clothing 

Did you know that you can support local businesses and still get the designer clothing that you dream about? Ilys Apparel is a high-fashion clothing line for a fraction of the price. Just check out her spring dresses! Many styles, fashions and in all shapes and sizes.


9. Follow, Like & Share

The coronavirus budget might be tight, especially if you’ve temporarily lost your job. Don’t fret! You can still support local, small businesses across Canada by simply heading to their social media profiles, following their accounts and actively liking and sharing their information. The more eyeballs on their stuff and exposure they receive, the better chance of success that small businesses will have.


10. Join the Girl Gang Canada

You may be a small business yourself, wondering how you can get your name out there and get supported. OR, you may know someone who has just launched a business and is looking to grow.

The Girl Gang Canada always welcomes new members! We are looking for small business owners whose audience fits ours so that we can help them grow, sell their products and promote their services!

Head to our Membership page to learn more.

And as always, you can learn more about The Girl Gang by heading to our website and checking it out! Check out our vendor members, our service members, what’s happening in your city and what we stand for.

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