My Beginner Botox Journey and Complete Guide to Botox (with before and after photos)

My Beginner Botox Journey and Complete Guide to Botox (with before and after photos)

September 10, 2021

Beginner guide to botox


Inside this article: I just received botox for my first time. Here's what happened, here's a beginner's guide.


So, I got botox for my first time a couple weeks ago.

I have friends that work in the medical aesthetician field and they have been RAVING about botox for years. I lived through my twenties thinking natural beauty is what works best for me, that I would never get botox and that I would embrace my wrinkles and scars with confidence.

Imagine you could have a chat with your twenty-year-old self and say "hey kid, put on some damn sunscreen, eat vegetables, wash your face, take care of your skin" and MAYBE, just maybe you will embrace your natural beauty in your thirties.

Things change.

You go through a global pandemic that stresses you (and your skin out).
You have kids.
Those sunburns catch up to you.
You go through ups and down in your life.

 And then BOOM, you're 33 and feel as though you have aged 10 years.


Over the last 2 years of my life my skin went haywire! It literally started the same month we went into lockdown. I'm not too sure if it was hormonal, or what happened, but my skin went from being manageable to breakout after breakout.

Confidence shook.

Not only that, but something about sitting at home for 2 years really distorts the way you look at yourself.

I chose botox to boost my confidence, and it did! It made me feel normal again. It helped me not wear the the stress of the pandemic and my hormonal acne on my face.

I don't know why I ever had negative perception of botox.

So, does botox have to be taboo? My answer: NO. 

You do not need to feel shame by wanting to feel younger (or whatever the reason why you choose botox). YES, we completely agree in feeling confident in your own skin and embracing ageing, but you can have one with the other.

Also let's just face the facts: many people you know have probably had botox, and you wouldn't even know it! People often have the misconception that if you get botox you'll turn into a puffy-faced Real Housewife of something - and that's just not the case.

Botox might not be for everyone, but for those who do enjoy it - there's no shame and just because you get it doesn't mean you aren't confident or happy in your body.

Here are some reasons as to why I chose botox

  1. To freshen up. After going through covid the stress wore me down, botox really helped me feel fresh and alive again.

  2. Preventative. As someone with an expressive face I wanted to soften the fine lines I already had starting before they got more prominent.

  3. To help with skin issues. Hormonal adult acne has turned my skin into something that I feel embarrassed and insecure about. Working with some high end skincare and botox has really helped with confidence levels and to make my skin feel more fresh.


beginner guide to botox

If this is the first time with botox for you, here is a quick guide to get you started:

1. Find a reputable clinic, who knows what they are talking about. I visited our Girl Gang members, A&A Medical Aesthetics. Those ladies know what they are talking about and offer more services than just botox. Check out my results below and see for yourself.

2. Start slow, there's no need to go all in right away. Just go slow and see how you feel afterwards.

3. Track your results! Trust me, you'll be so pleased.

4. Understand that the needles are teeny tiny and barely even hurt. Also, understand your risks and ask questions.

The owners (and sisters!) Ashley and Andrea from A&A Aesthetics are both Registered Practical Nurses (RPN) and are experienced and trained in a range of services including Botulinum Toxin (Botox) and Hyaluronic Acid filler treatments, Eyelash extensions, lifts, and tints, and are currently training to add chemical peel and skin treatments to their list of certifications!

The best thing about the whole process is that they understand how first-time botox experiences can be and held my hand through the process. There was zero worry and they explained the risks and statistics around bad botox experiences.

You can find their price list on the services section of our website. Don't forget to follow them on instagram @aandamedicalaesthetics and get in touch through email at to book.

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