The Rise of Reclaimed Wood Furniture & How this Ontario Couple is Turning Mother Earth into Memories

“He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.” — St. Francis of Assissi

Reclaimed wood furniture here in Ontario is not only a popular trend, but it’s becoming more and more of a way of life as consumers choose to recycle earth’s materials to create home decor or functional furniture pieces because of it’s sustainability and low-carbon footprint. And, Bevel & Barrel is just the type of business that is making something really amazing out of recycled & memorable, local wood pieces!

Liz & Steve are two retirees that organically fell into a woodworking business that has gone from small, custom orders for home decor to a popular place that people in our local communities look towards to buy their cheese boards, cutting blocks and home and bar furniture. Bevel & Barrel is your go-to-place for reclaimed wood furniture here in Ontario, Canada!

reclaimed wood furniture ontario

Bevel & Barrel Woodworking: The Rise of Reclaimed Wood Furniture & How this Ontario Couple is Turning Mother Earth into Memories

Having operated a couple businesses prior to launching Bevel & Barrel, owners Steve and Liz decided to use their creative and hands-on skills to develop a post-retirement woodworking business. The story is a natural progression, which aligns perfectly with their business model. It all started when they were taking down trees on their property and decided to recycle the materials and turn the rotting wood into beautiful and functional home decor and furniture pieces.  

When something beautiful is made, people notice. Since then, they have been making custom and unique pieces for weddings, small boutique shops, bars and restaurants.

Using Reclaimed Wood to Bring You Modern & Stylish Decor

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that creating a home space that is comfortable is incredibly important. We’re spending more and more time at home, resulting in renovating and redesigning to make sure we feel comfortable and connected to where we live.

Companies like West Elm, Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware have always offered a modern look at the ‘reclaimed wood’ furniture style, however, these businesses have a high price point and often use wood that has been outsourced from other countries. They don’t offer a sustainable variety, which is a unique standing point to where Bevel and Barrel is as they are offering a product that helps consumers become more environmentally conscious and aware how their purchase has a carbon footprint on the planet. 

But now, smaller, direct to consumer and online-only retailers are leading the way in this category for both industry and regular consumers alike. As a designer who works with clients who are exceptionally internet-savvy, they are doing a lot of their research online and are willing to purchase these products despite never having seen them in a showroom, because of the customer service and customization options they get for such affordable price points,” - Forbes Magazine. 

Liz (Bevel & Barrel) also tells us that more and more people are feeling compelled to answer a call to action to protect our natural resources for future generations. As a result of this “reawakening”, people are longing for deeper connection to the great outdoors. 

Bevel & Barrel Woodworking finds that inspiration from mother nature, respects and protects the natural resources so that future generations can also reap its rewards. 

Our aim in creating our beautiful designs is to bring joy to people’s lives by bringing the natural elements of the great outdoors into their homes and thus foster a renewed appreciation and respect for nature.  That is the reasoning behind our tagline… 'inspired by nature'" - Liz Bujaki, Bevel & Barrel Woodworking

The Rise of Artisanal & Hand-crafted Goods

Not only did COVID-era and 2020 bring a rise in people looking to create comfortable living spaces, but it’s also created a movement for virtual entertaining and re-discovering a joy in cooking. Less people are going out to events and restaurants, but we still all have a desire to entertain and create quality dining experiences from the comfort of our own home. 

There has been a greater interest in natural products that are handcrafted with pride and joy and people are choosing these products to express their tastes and interests in home decor, cooking and lifestyle. 

Bevel & Barrel Woodworking offers live edge tables, refurbished wine and whiskey barrels as well as our charcuterie boards and butcher blocks, which have been a popular hit that lends itself well to these current trends. 

They are all functional pieces for their practical applications as they are beautiful accents that add rustic charm to any space.

reclaimed wood furniture ontario

Customize Your Experience with Locally Sourced Hardwoods

Bevel & Barrel’s products are made from locally sourced hardwoods such as black walnut, cherry, maple, juniper; some of which come from their property in Zurich, Ontario. Their aim is to create unique and personalized designs, to preserve a bit of local history as well as the wood’s character and rustic charm. Their charcuterie boards and butcher blocks are all treated with all natural and food safe products.

Our partnership with our clients is paramount as we derive much of our inspiration from the collaboration we forge with them. We value their input and find great joy and satisfaction in working collaboratively with each client to bring their vision into reality. Each project leads us on a journey to explore new and innovative ideas.  There is nothing more gratifying than working with a beautiful slab of raw wood and unearthing its natural beauty, character and grain.

This customer encapsulates precisely what we strive to accomplish in our business and the joy we aim to bring each of our customers.

“Thank you to the amazing and talented, Steve Bujaki at Bevel and Barrel Woodworking. Our Oak Tree Table is perfection. This table has a lot of meaning... and the original owner of our home is also so pleased.❤️🌳” Here is a quick back story - this home was built and completely designed in 1956 by the Chate’s. This property and house was one that we have always had our eyes on and as soon as it came up for sale, we were so blessed to say it became ours! Mrs Chate explained to us that they designed the entire house around this old Oak Tree. How amazing! However, we needed to renovate and expand this home to suit our family and we had to make the decision to cut down this healthy, historic, beautiful tree. We went back and forth in our minds and it was heartbreaking to see it go. We kept a few pieces of the tree and Steve turned it into this piece of art. We are so grateful and happy we can keep a piece of history as a part of our home.” 

reclaimed wood furniture ontario

If you would like to learn more about Bevel & Barrel Woodworking you can visit their website to learn more about custom orders, visit their Instagram or shop Bevel & Barrel here. 

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