Filming has always been a part of my life in little ways. I would always be behind the camera in
our home videos, finding it a fascinating experience creating little movies with my friends. When
that wasn’t happening, I was plopped in front of the TV watching a movie with the remote in one
hand and a Koolaid Jammer in the other, with not a care in the world.

That trend carried over into highschool when I would self-opt out of writing assignments to
create a video version instead-- I’m sure if you search deep on the interweb you can find our
Oscar worthy remake of a Bill Nye the Science Guy episode.

After a journey of post secondary education in Art and Film and then working with a list of
amazing local creators and businesses, I fell head over heels for video content creation and its
important role in storytelling (I realized soon after that independent creators were where it’s at).
Since then, I’ve made it my focus to take my love for creation, colour and a good prime lens, and
make some really neat video content for those in the community!


Running your own business is no small feat! You’re spinning a lot of plates on a limited budget,
and you want to kick your social media presence up a notch!

Whether you’re bursting with ideas, or you’d prefer I grab a plate and run with it; I’ve got you
covered when it comes to content creation.

I love using my passion for film and digital media to help local businesses find their voice in the
community. I want your online presence to reflect your brand, your story and the people who
support you.

Your customers already love what you have to offer, show them in an innovative way what a
unique part of the local business scene you are. 


The beautiful thing about content creation is that the possibilities are endless! But just to
get the wheels turning and the ideas following, here are few things that might interest

- Event highlight reel
- Business interview
- Video product advertising
- How To Video
- Music Video
- Stop Motion Video
- Animation and Motion Graphics
- Social Media Stories

*Inquire for quotes