Allison McCracken - Rose & Grace Designs located in London, ON

Allison McCracken - Rose & Grace Designs located in London, ON

March 02, 2021

This month's boss babe is Allison McCracken from London, ON. She has a creative eye that is depicted in her original handmade earrings with Rose & Grace Designs. We love all her designs, find out why below...


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How did Rose & Grace Designs start?

After I had my youngest I decided to stay home. I wanted to be able to contribute, but from home.  I love creating things and I love earrings. Earrings can add so much to an outfit. I wanted to create something I would love and wear  and that others would too. So starting up my own business just made sense.  


Where did the inspiration for the business name come from?

My daughters. I named the business after them! It’s there middle names Adalyn Grace and Everly Rose.  No meaning behind the names.  I just really liked how the names went together. There names are so beautiful and feminine and when deciding on the name for the business I wanted it to have that feminine feel.


Rose and Grace will celebrate one year in business in July (wha-hoo), what were you doing before this? 

Dental assistant. 

Do you miss the office atmosphere?

Sometimes . I really loved my job, but there is something really rewarding about making something that people love. And it allows me to be home with my girls. 


Where have you seen the most growth in the past year?

In myself. I really needed to step out of my comfort zone to make this business a success. I never thought I would start my own business. I guess it took me a lot to believe in myself to actually go for it. I’m sure a lot can relate to that. 


What was the  most difficult aspect you faced opening a business during a pandemic, and where would you like to see the biggest change in this coming year?

The most difficult aspect I would say would be getting my business out there and noticed when we were not able to do it in person.  I will be joining a few markets this year in the spring and into the summer, fall months locally in London so am I am looking forward to that.  


What made you want to become a part of The Girl Gang?

I thought it would be a great opportunity to showcase my business with other talented, like-minded women entrepreneurs. 


If you could tell your 20 year old self some words of encouragement what would they be?

Too just go for it!  Not to be afraid to put yourself out there. When I was 20 I was actually in an art program. Beal Art here in London. I worked for a bit after that and then went to school to become a dental assistant. 


We know you make killer earrings, do you ever expand into other areas of creative design?

Yes!  I have worked with some local businesses for custom requests as well as other personal gift request. I hope to continue that and expand into other things. 


We love the mix of natural wood with the mirror/glitter acrylics, what top pieces are your customers buying lately?

People are really liking the mirrored with the walnut and the walnut with pearl white. They are also liking the small stud earrings as well. 


Now that you’ve come this far … what’s next for your 2021 goals??

I would like to branch out more and offer more jewelry options like necklaces. I would also like to continue with custom orders and possibly adding other items other then jewelry. I would like to add necklaces to my collection. I made some business name tags and signs for local businesses. I would like to start offering that more.  Possibly more personalized items for babies and kids as well. (room signs, month milestones etc.)



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