Imogen Lawer, Wave Aesthetics - Sarnia, ON.

Imogen Lawer, Wave Aesthetics - Sarnia, ON.

January 22, 2020

What is Immy’s Lash Lab?

With a focus on health and safety, Immy’s Lash Lab offers a wide array of services to help amplify ones’ natural beauty. Eyelash extensions, lifts and waxing services are all done with the utmost attention to detail and care in this home based beauty studio. Now offering Classic Lash Training Immy is determined to teach people interested in Lash Extensions the proper and safe techniques for application along with tips and tricks to becoming your own boss. Every service is performed according to the clients specific needs and desires, with the clients health in mind.

What inspired you to start a career in esthetics?

My career in esthetics was inspired mostly by my love of making people feel beautiful. My service focus mostly on enhancing natural beauty as opposed to changing ones features to look different. Seeing clients leave my studio feeling beautiful puts a smile on my face. In a day and age where everything we see online is fake, I think it is important as women we feel beautiful in real life – not just with filters!

Who is one of your female role models and why?

My Mum is my biggest role model, hands down. She is the strongest and most supportive woman I have ever met. Putting others needs before her own has always been her tactic to life. She has my back and supports everything I do, no matter the outcome. No matter what “knocks her down” in life she always gets back up and grows from it. I only hope I will have her care and resilience in my life.

What is your favourite part of your job?

My favourite part of my job, other than making people feel beautiful, is definitely the fact that I get to become friends with my clients and help them through things. As most estheticians, we somewhat take on a therapist role which I find extremely honoring. My clients put their trust in me and I am able to become someone they rely on which means the world.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

Though beauty plays a major role in my life/career and I love to help others feel beautiful, I rarely have time to pamper myself so I typically don’t get the chance to be on the receiving end of any beauty services!

What would you tell people who maybe have had a bad experience with lashes before or who maybe have never had them before and are a little hesitant to get them?

Lashes are NOT damaging if they are done by the right person. Doing your research when choosing a lash artist is extremely important and unfortunately, the time someone has been working and their price points don’t show their skill level. Just because someone has been certified for 10 years, doesn’t mean they have continued with their education and take care in their work. Word of mouth is the best way to find out if someone is following the correct procedures. All lash artist in Lambton County should be inspected by Lambton Public Health (legally) to ensure they are following proper disinfection procedures, so check you lash artist has this inspection! Also ensure they are actually certified, and don’t hesitate to ask questions. If they are doing what they should be, there should be no hesitation!

What does Girl Gang mean to you?

Girl Gang to me is a support system. A group of incredible women who support one another in their ventures with no sense of competitiveness or bitterness.

What are your goals for Immy’s Lash Lab in the next year?

In the next year I’m hoping to launch a Volume Training Course to go with my newly introduced Classic Training Course! Other than that there may be a couple new services added, but my main focus is now on training and ensuring my students get the best education possible!
What should every woman try at least once in their life?
Tacos & Travel

Aside from lashes, what is a daily must have for you?

Skin. Care. Routine. – SO IMPORTANT!