Maily - BBKFnaturals from Dowling, ON

Maily - BBKFnaturals from Dowling, ON

April 04, 2021

Alert - non-toxic products, eco-friendly packaging, self-care creations. Have we got your attention yet? Meet Maily the face behind the biz and learn more below.



How and when did BBKFnaturals start?

I started making my own products several years ago as I couldn’t find many products that were clean, made with ingredients that I could pronounce AND at a price point that wouldn’t break the bank. In 2019, my hobby soon turned into something I wanted to share and launched BBKFnaturals soon after. 

What does the acronym BBKF stand for? 

I typically say that BBKF stands for “Bath & Body - Kid Friendly” (which it can be) but it also is an acronym for a nickname that my partner and I call each other. It started as a joke initially but it grew into something that meant a lot to me, so I knew when naming my business, BBKF had to be a part of it. I’ll probably keep that in the vault forever though. 


How many are involved in the business?

It’s a one woman show - from designing and cutting labels to making products, it’s just me. I do get help with hauling my products to markets and a ton of moral support. My family are my biggest supporters and cheerleaders. 


From the first item you ever made to most recent product created – what would you say is the biggest difference in production during that gap?

The equipment I’m using and the amount of product I’m putting out are probably the biggest differences in production. By no means am I a factory, I’m still in the same in-home studio as when I started, but I’ve definitely figured out more efficient ways to make my products.  


What were you doing before BBKF Naturals?

I’ve been in project management for the past decade, so it’s quite the contrast. 


What is something people should know about products that don’t utilize natural ingredients and what are some of the greatest benefits?

Biggest thing is that it’s just as important what you put ON your body, as what you put IN your body. Your skin is your largest organ and since it is so porous, it absorbs whatever you put on it. Most people wouldn’t eat toxic ingredients, so you should have the same standards for products you put on your skin. Read the labels and just inform yourself what’s in your products. Parabens, fragrances, phthalates - so many everyday products contain these items. Studies show phthalates can be extremely dangerous, especially for children, but it’s best to avoid them all together as they can be serious endocrine disruptors and even cause birth defects. 


Congrats on your one year in January, what can we expect from BBKF by 2022?

Thank you! I am working on 5 new products that will be launching over the course of 2021. BBKF will also be receiving a minor packaging facelift, which will all still be recyclable and planet friendly. You’ll get to see that this month (April). My goal for 2021 is to have products available in more storefronts and markets across Canada. 


Did anyone inspire you to take the leap and go for your dreams or did you always have that “joie de vivre”?

I’m stubborn, so if I have an idea, I’m going for it! I’m very passionate about natural products and that lifestyle so it just all really fell into place. I do have a great support system and I’m always bouncing ideas off them. They definitely helped get me where I am today. 


Who would you say is one of your greatest female role models?

My mom. She’s a rock star. I definitely get my independent woman genes from her. She’s always worked hard and did things on her own. I know its not always easy, but she always stressed that girls/women can do whatever they set their minds to and showed me it’s possible. I have 2 daughters and I hope I’m showing them as well. (love you, mom)  


For someone starting their own business what would you say is the most important guidance/piece of advice you wish you knew?

I think we start out with all these hopes and dreams and get discouraged when they don’t happen quickly. Don’t lose hope if things aren’t going as planned or you’re not seeing immediate results. Keep working at it. Keep growing and be proud of where you’ve made it so far. Celebrate the small wins, just as you would the big wins. 





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