Missy Woods, Pottery By The Woods - London, ON.

Missy Woods, Pottery By The Woods - London, ON.

May 02, 2021

Coffee has never looked so good. Missy's pottery pieces keep hot drinks hot with a natural down to earth feel. Get your own hug from a mug.



How did Pottery by the Woods start? 

It all started in a small classroom off campus through Fanshawe College. I was excited but intimidated all at the same time. I dove straight in getting my hands dirty! Knowing the love, I had to master clay, I was my own worst critique. I knew in order to hone in all the skills I was taught classroom time was just not enough. A wheel became not a “want” but rather a “must!"

I purchased my first used one that looked something not from the century! It was fully Cast Iron and to shift the arm (instead of a pedal) took 2 arms! The Wheel became part of my furniture and home décor. As time went by friends and family begun asking me to make things than I was approached by M.S. Society asking me to go in their Christmas show and it just kind of lead the way to where I am today.


Where Do You Find Most Your Inspiration?

My Inspiration comes mainly from my family and my customers which, I prefer to not call them because most become friends to me. I guess on social media, or in person. I like to know I create a bond with each person especially when I am making a pottery piece, so that mug or bowl speaks to who they are and is special or unique. The other part of my Inspiration comes from being on the wheel itself or other well known hobby potters.


How many are involved in the business?

It’s a one woman show - from designing and cutting labels to making products, it’s just me. I do get help with hauling my products to markets and a ton of moral support. My family are my biggest supporters and cheerleaders. 


Are you a One Woman Show?

Yes, I absolutely am. It takes 2 weeks to make one vessel (Mug or Bowl) from start to finish. I myself, prefer hand painting, all my pieces over dipping to ensure extra protection on rims etc. (but this is my preference). It then goes to trimming each piece and sanding. Each item goes in the kiln at least twice up too 2400 degrees. Therefore, all pottery is oven safe (which many people do not know.)


What was the first piece you ever made?

This was pinch pots, and it was horrible! It looked like an elephant foot haha!


What were you doing before pottery?

I was raising two beautiful daughters whom one is now in University and the other in Quality Control for Windmills. I had a small candle business in Grand Bend, Ontario. I do have a job background in Social Services, Human Foundations, and Sexual Deviance. However, due to a traumatic event I no longer am in the field and I am now an Epilepsy Warrior!


In five years where do you want to be?

I will and I am always growing as a Potterist. I Know it takes 5 years to see any profit from your business, so I would like to be sitting there. I would love to open my own café and sell my own mugs to drink from! As well a bigger studio.


Who is your largest support system?

All of my followers, friends and family! I would not be “Pottery By The Woods” without any of you!


What can we see next from Pottery by the Woods?

Oohh lala…. this is going to be dinnerware; Modern and Contemporary. I cannot wait to show off the new pieces! Some of my inspiration plates came from Italy, as they are egg like shaped and I am still learning, (and waiting for my molds) however I will be glazing them in contrasting colours and they will be a must see! I also am working on some platters and larger bowls.


Who would you say is one of your greatest role models?

This Question is hard to answer... as I have so many! I have three that keep me focused and in check!

First my Mom! – Hello? Who wouldn’t? She taught me everything in life and to boot … she was a hobby Potterist back in the day! She can still kick it and she rocks on the wheel!

Secondly, Ruth Dean. She has seen me at my worst and best. She is my Grand Bend Yoga Bear! Full of feminism and spirit, she empowers, she’s a leader, a mother and an activist and highly loyal. Ruth takes life and lives it, she is a remarkable woman I look up to and honour for her dedication and teaching.

Lastly, Kathleen Parker from London Ontario, this woman was my mentor before I went into the field of social services. She taught me a lot that corrective criticism was empowering! Who would have thought! This woman is community caring even when not at work! She has huge empathy and empowers families every single day! Kathleen is very self-less and highly motivated and dedicated in caring! She is one of those people you do not meet very often through life.

Without these Women in my life I honestly do not know where I would be or “Pottery By The Woods”. They have kept me dedicated to my business, honest of who I am really am as a person (not just a business owner) they believe in me, and keep me centered and driven and focused.

For someone starting their own business what would you say is the most important piece of advice you would give?

Pay attention to small details, I can get consumed by my pottery so my receipt books were neglected. Tax time was a mess, your receipts must be counted for every number you cannot just rip one out! Being a new business owner with a GST number I did not know this. Print receipts or transactions off as you buy them and put them in a folder for each month, if you do not have time to log them right away. This saves you from a tangled mess of email sorting! Also account for advertisement costs, they can add up very fast.

- Missy Woods



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