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Stacey Le Poivre - Operation YOU Academy - Sarnia, ON
June 30, 2021

Stacey Le Poivre - Operation YOU Academy - Sarnia, ON

Hey girl, hey. Between running her own business, literally running, being a mom and balancing a full-time career...Stacey has it going on. 



GRL Fitness just graduated! Tell us about Operation YOU Academy.

GRL Fitness graduated! We are so happy to now be Operation YOU Academy. Where we believe in the continuous learning and progression of self growth and development through our three foundational pillars: mindset, nutrition and movement.


Is personal training your primary career and why did it interest you?

Personal training for me started over a decade ago when I was in college for policing. I would help classmates in my program as well as paramedic and fire sciences in order to be successful in their respective fitness testing. I became certified shortly after that and haven't quit since. After a successful career within the military, I have recently stepped away and am focused on coaching full-time while also offering mindset and nutrition along with movement coaching.

Being a mom, balancing nutrition, mental health and exercise is important. What tips do you have for moms post-partum?

In short:

Food prep saves time and leaves guessing out of the equation.

Rest. Rest. Rest.

Don't beat yourself up if you didn't get the things done. Tomorrow is a new day.

Above all else, remember you are a human.

Mental health is #1 ! Always. Being a mom who knew nothing about babies until I had one was rough, as well as being in a isolated area where help was hard to come by. One thing that has been hard for me to learn is to slow down and let the small things stay small. Those dishes you hate looking at vs spending an hour to just sit and chill, you owe it to yourself to rest. Momming is a full-time sport in it's own. Rest for your mental, emotional and physical self is important now than before. That little person needs you, but YOU need you.

When Harper was a newborn she was easy to cart around for walks/hikes, and she slept or rolled around when I took her into my home gym. If you're trying to get into a routine start small. Add in weekly walks, and don't over due strength training or jogging before your BODY is physically ready. Now that Harper is a toddler she's super busy. We frequent walks/jogs, bike rides and I'm always blasting the music for a dance party. Involve your kids, show them an example even if you are focusing on purposeful movement, strength training or whatever your activity of preference is.


What are your personal fitness goals?

My personal fitness goals are to keep my body strong due to a medical condition involving my back. As well, regain flexibility. I move because I'm grateful that I can -  but I also love pushing my body to see how far it can go.


What was the most difficult part about creating your own curriculum?

The most difficult part is condensing the content for each program. I cap 2/3 curriculum programs to two months and even then I am always finding things to add. We really cannot put a cap on learning more about our bodies.


We are now halfway through the year, what would you say was your biggest hurdle?


Leaving the military and going full-time into my business. Leaving a structured and routine life for uncertainty has been a struggle but the benefits have shown to be worth every minute.


You have been in Girl Gang since the beginning, what was your initial objective and what has kept the relationship continue?

My biggest objective was to network and stay connected to my home area while I was gone. I knew I wanted to come back to the area and I didn't want to feel like I was starting from scratch when it came to getting locally involved. Being in a network of other badass women who own and run businesses is so thrilling and empowering to me. Now that I've returned, I am hoping to be more involved not only with the Girl Gang, but within the community as well.


What would be advice to someone starting a business who has a family, side hustle and full-time career?

Don't spread yourself too thin and make sure you're starting it for the right reason.


Blunt answer.. Careers are replaceable. Family isn't.

If you're finding yourself burnt out from the career, side hustle and cant find the time for your family.. Something has to give.

Ask yourself the hard questions. Or just,

Take the leap. You might surprise yourself. 


What is one of your biggest accomplishments that you would have never imagined happening 5 years ago?


Leaving my career to be a full-time entrepreneur. But I think I knew deep down I couldn't live my entire life following someone else's agenda. The resistance was real.

Headed toward 2022, what can we expect from Operation YOU Academy?


We have two more curriculum programs coming up within nutrition and movement.


As well, fingers crossed for in-person options when we move!

In all honesty - possibilities are endless and we are rolling with it.








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Stefanie Henderlin - Mångata Apothecary, Surrey B.C.
June 02, 2021

Stefanie Henderlin - Mångata Apothecary, Surrey B.C.

Meet this one-woman show, Stefanie. She will tell us how she started formulating the perfect blends with locally sourced herbs in her cozy workshop while keeping everything waste free!

Intriguing right...find out how below.



"Essentials by Stefanie" just did a huge re-brand tell us about your new name! Mångata Apothecary™.

“Mångata” is translated as måne (moon) + gata (road) or; the road-like reflection of the moonlight on water. 

The word is Swedish and I chose at is has a mystical ring to it yet its a very real thing (moonlight). Often when herbalism is mentioned it also has a mystical ring to it, but it its my goal to make it herbalism and the use of herbs real and tangible!

What makes your products unique compared to other lines on the market?

My focus is on herbs and my goal it to have each customer who wants, have the knowledge to make herbal products for themselves. I wrote an e-book (now in print) so that they could learn the basics easily. Many of the recipes for my products are actually in this book!

My bestsellers are herbal balms and I have not come across many other lines that focus on balms.


How many are involved with Mangata Apothecary?

I have recently hired a friend to help me with the rebrand but when life slows down it will be back to just me!


Your products are All-Natural, Eco-Conscious, and CertClean. What do you find is the biggest challenges you face keeping items aligned with your values?

Price point. People want less expensive (I get it) but the reality is I can’t make a living on that and honestly- quality is going to cost more than the big store products. 

I have steered away from going all organic because I find natural is effective enough and organic can be so pricy. Instead I have made my products certified as clean with CertClean which allows everyone to rest knowing that any thing I make here in my apothecary are good for you and for everyone in your life! No nasties! (www.certclean.com )


Was owning a business always apart of your career plans?

Never. I studied to be a midwife with plans to work overseas. After living overseas for 2 years I discovered it was just too hard for me but that I want to continue supporting friends who are still there. We recently teamed up with “Cedar’s Network” and give a portion of each purchase to the healthcare section of the non-profit, which is run by a midwife friend of mine!


What experience/and or education did you have behind this dream?

I have two degrees; Intercultural Studies and Midwifery. I started making herbal products for clients and then my family. When I chose to stay home and raise my girls, my husband pushed me to begin selling. I have then been scrounging for any online coaching and business courses I could take to make this passion into a successful business! I have found some amazing resources through the non-profit “The Forum” based out of Vancouver.


Since your have started your journey, what has been the most rewarding?

Seeing the products change people’s minds about what they use for different issues. When a product works, they often come back and tell me and then begin seeking out more herbal remedies. I love this!


Why is Girl Gang important to you?

The Girl Gang makes me feel supported and cared for. Its tough being an entrepreneur when you have no experience in business. There are also so many opportunities that are presented to use through the Girl Gang. I have marketing options, educational resources, and events constantly being presented to me and this makes my life so much easier.


What are your next goals for Mångata?

Many of my products have herbs that could help issues like eczema and sciatica but I cannot make those claims due to Health Canada regulations. I am therefore working on getting some of my products certified as natural health products so that I can make appropriate claims. This will be an amazing way to reach more people and provide natural care for so many issues!


Is there any advice you could share with other entrepreneurs starting up a business from home?

Team up with a group of likeminded entrepreneurs and ask so many questions. There are Facebook groups, memberships, and other resources out there - find them and join them! You are not alone, there are so many people doing what you are doing who have no idea what they are doing! But together we get sh*t done and we can get it done so much faster when we help each other out!


Mångata Apothecary





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Maily - BBKFnaturals from Dowling, ON
April 04, 2021

Maily - BBKFnaturals from Dowling, ON

Alert - non-toxic products, eco-friendly packaging, self-care creations. Have we got your attention yet? Meet Maily the face behind the biz and learn more below.



How and when did BBKFnaturals start?

I started making my own products several years ago as I couldn’t find many products that were clean, made with ingredients that I could pronounce AND at a price point that wouldn’t break the bank. In 2019, my hobby soon turned into something I wanted to share and launched BBKFnaturals soon after. 

What does the acronym BBKF stand for? 

I typically say that BBKF stands for “Bath & Body - Kid Friendly” (which it can be) but it also is an acronym for a nickname that my partner and I call each other. It started as a joke initially but it grew into something that meant a lot to me, so I knew when naming my business, BBKF had to be a part of it. I’ll probably keep that in the vault forever though. 


How many are involved in the business?

It’s a one woman show - from designing and cutting labels to making products, it’s just me. I do get help with hauling my products to markets and a ton of moral support. My family are my biggest supporters and cheerleaders. 


From the first item you ever made to most recent product created – what would you say is the biggest difference in production during that gap?

The equipment I’m using and the amount of product I’m putting out are probably the biggest differences in production. By no means am I a factory, I’m still in the same in-home studio as when I started, but I’ve definitely figured out more efficient ways to make my products.  


What were you doing before BBKF Naturals?

I’ve been in project management for the past decade, so it’s quite the contrast. 


What is something people should know about products that don’t utilize natural ingredients and what are some of the greatest benefits?

Biggest thing is that it’s just as important what you put ON your body, as what you put IN your body. Your skin is your largest organ and since it is so porous, it absorbs whatever you put on it. Most people wouldn’t eat toxic ingredients, so you should have the same standards for products you put on your skin. Read the labels and just inform yourself what’s in your products. Parabens, fragrances, phthalates - so many everyday products contain these items. Studies show phthalates can be extremely dangerous, especially for children, but it’s best to avoid them all together as they can be serious endocrine disruptors and even cause birth defects. 


Congrats on your one year in January, what can we expect from BBKF by 2022?

Thank you! I am working on 5 new products that will be launching over the course of 2021. BBKF will also be receiving a minor packaging facelift, which will all still be recyclable and planet friendly. You’ll get to see that this month (April). My goal for 2021 is to have products available in more storefronts and markets across Canada. 


Did anyone inspire you to take the leap and go for your dreams or did you always have that “joie de vivre”?

I’m stubborn, so if I have an idea, I’m going for it! I’m very passionate about natural products and that lifestyle so it just all really fell into place. I do have a great support system and I’m always bouncing ideas off them. They definitely helped get me where I am today. 


Who would you say is one of your greatest female role models?

My mom. She’s a rock star. I definitely get my independent woman genes from her. She’s always worked hard and did things on her own. I know its not always easy, but she always stressed that girls/women can do whatever they set their minds to and showed me it’s possible. I have 2 daughters and I hope I’m showing them as well. (love you, mom)  


For someone starting their own business what would you say is the most important guidance/piece of advice you wish you knew?

I think we start out with all these hopes and dreams and get discouraged when they don’t happen quickly. Don’t lose hope if things aren’t going as planned or you’re not seeing immediate results. Keep working at it. Keep growing and be proud of where you’ve made it so far. Celebrate the small wins, just as you would the big wins. 






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Heather Sipkens, The Aesthetics Clinic - Sarnia, ON.
September 09, 2020

Heather Sipkens, The Aesthetics Clinic - Sarnia, ON.

Say hello to Heather, our September Feature on The Girl Gang, her skills are real with natural looking results. 

We asked Heather 10 questions, find out how she got her business started, where she is headed next and how to book your appointment... cause you know you want to

How did The Aesthetics Clinic start?

I have been a nurse for nearly 10 years now, and about 5 years ago was when I became really interested in “cosmetic nursing”. The starting point of becoming an entrepreneur was when a friend commented on my makeup and asked if I could do a few makeup applications for a photo shoot. Since that day, I haven’t stopped evolving. 

I am a self taught makeup artist, and have taken courses for lash and brow services (lash lift & tint, lash extensions, facial waxing). I’ve always had a love for art and took art class all through high school. Makeup became my creative outlet in my 20’s.

I was working a full-time nursing job, while building my business for over a year and a half. I worked 7 days a week, seeing clients every evening after work and on weekends. I was booked solid for weddings, and eventually saved enough money to take Botox and dermal filler courses.

I moved into Pixie Spa from my home studio back in January 2019. Since then, we expanded our space and I now have a clinic of my own, located right beside Pixie Spa (who has been one of my biggest cheerleaders btw). In August 2019 I was at a point where I had to make the extremely stressful decision to leave my “steady” nursing job to pursue my dream job on a full time basis and I’ve never looked back!

Is this where you planned to be 5 years ago?

5 years ago I was living in Niagara Falls and working as an acute mental health nurse. A friend of mine was an injector and she told me how much work it takes to get to the place where she was, but I was determined. She was right. It was a long and bumpy road but so worth it!


What treatment is your favourite to give/why? 

My favourite treatments are lip fillers. So many men and women are incredibly self conscious about their lips/smiles. The moment I hand the client the mirror and they see their new smile, it gives me goosebumps every time. I’ve actually teared up a few times seeing reactions. It’s one of the best feelings in the world for me.

What has been one of your biggest accomplishments thus far?

One of my biggest accomplishments thus far has been building my dream career during some of the most difficult times in my life. No matter what the circumstances, I would show up for work and be there for my clients and make them feel beautiful and make sure they were 100% happy with their results!

I moved into Pixie Spa from my home studio back in January 2019. Since then, we expanded our space and I now have a clinic of my own, located right beside Pixie Spa.



"Follow. Your. Gut. ...  learning to say no and to walk away from anything that doesn’t feel right"



What was one of your least favourite jobs?

One of my least favourite jobs was working on a mental health and addictions team in St. Catharines. My role was to provide interim nursing care to vulnerable populations. I felt as though I wasn’t able to do enough for them, and encountered so many issues within the mental health system. Every day felt like a failure, but I know I was able to make a small difference in their day, even if it meant getting them a coffee or helping them find a family doctor. 


Who is one of your female role models and why?  

One of my favourite female role models is Brené Brown. She is a research professor and an author. A lot of her work is about vulnerability, courage, shame, and empathy. I’ve read most of her books and listen to her podcasts. She is also from Texas and says ya’ll a lot which makes me love her podcasts even more!


What does Girl Gang mean to you?  

 Girl Gang means supporting each other. I’ve been bullied and left out a lot in my life. If you know the feeling, you know how much it hurts. We are capable of so much more if we raise each other up instead of being mean girls.

Being a part of a community of strong, kind, women who all want each other to succeed is incredible. It also sets an example for other girls and women in the community that we can follow our dreams and have successful careers that we are passionate about!


What are your professional goals in the next year?  

I would like to become certified in a few more treatments, however my main goal is to continue to grow my clientele and really be well known for my Botox treatments and lip augmentations


If you could tell your 20 year old self some advice what would it be?

Follow. Your. Gut. 

I’ve made a lot of bad decisions when I knew I wasn’t following my instincts and I could’ve prevented a lot of heartache and headaches! Sure, there is growth within those difficult times, but now I’m learning to say no and to walk away from anything that doesn’t feel right.


What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?  

That I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression since I was a teenager. I think this is something we all try to hide and feel others will look at us differently if we share our mental health diagnoses and seek help. Times are changing, and we don’t have to suffer in silence. I’ve been able to accomplish so much more in my life after receiving proper treatment and making positive life changes. 


It is so nice to get a deeper sense of the boss behind the business, we are looking forward to watching your future success!


Instagram: @nurseheathersipkens
Facebook: @TheAestheticsClinic

100 East ST S, Sarnia


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Danielle Catton, Danielle Is Anxious - Sarnia, ON.
January 22, 2020

Danielle Catton, Danielle Is Anxious - Sarnia, ON.

What is Danielle Is Anxious?

Danielle Is Anxious started as a blog where I could share my struggle with anxiety, depression, an eating disorder and finding self love. Over the course of a year and a half, it's morphed into a multifaceted initiative that includes not only my blog, but also sharing my journey on instagram, holding events/creating spaces, and creating handmade jewellery and other items with the common goal of promoting positive mental wellness and self love.

What inspired you to start 

Danielle Is Anxious?

Last year I faced an extremely difficult bought of depression. I began the journey of taking medication for my illness in the late spring, and decided it was something I wanted to share with the world on my instagram. I had been sharing my journey with mental illness for quite a few years publicly before through my work with Sarnia speaks, but never to this extent. Through this, I realized that a lot of my struggle was centred around the relationship I had with myself. That led me to start a journey of self love. This journey has made advocacy for body positivity and self love one of my true passions in life. That's what 

Danielle Is Anxious allows me to do, through many different avenues.

Why do you feel this is important for our community?

I grew up always hating my body and myself. I never felt good enough. I never felt like I was thin enough, pretty enough, talented enough, or successful enough. I eventually got to a point during my journey where I began to see how incredibly ridiculous the standards we 'should' live up to as a society were and began speaking out about it and challenging the norm.

That's why I feel this is important for our community (and beyond.) we all deserve to love ourselves and not have to live our lives constantly chasing the next 'thing' that will make us happy. We deserve to be able to wear our hearts on our sleeves and not be ashamed of our mental/physical illnesses, bodies, skin tone, age, shape, race, gender expression, etc. Nor have society judge us because of it.

Who is one of your female role models and why?

There are so many incredible females in my life that I call role models so it's really hard to choose just one! From the women I work with, to my mom, aunts and cousins and friends, they've all played a part in making me the person I am today.

What has been one of your favourite moments you've had since starting 

Danielle Is Anxious?

Being able to meet and connect with people around the world through instagram has been absolutely amazing. There are so many unique stories and memories I have, and being able to connect on an international level with so many incredible humans has been such a privilege.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

A lot of people are surprised when I tell them I sing! I was really into it when I was younger and into my late teens, but battling mental illness eventually made me believe I wasn't good at it, so I stopped for almost 10 years and didn't tell anybody.

What did you always want to be when you grew up?

When I was little I wanted to be a broadway star! Some of the first songs I remember learning were from the musical annie. As I got older, I realized that I wanted to help people. I didn't know what exactly that would entail, but I knew I wanted to do something that made an impact on people and helped them.

What does Girl Gang mean to you?

To me, a girl gang is intersectional and encompasses a system of support, encouragement, collaboration, understanding and empathy. It is a group where its members inspire one another to think outside their respective boxes, and become more inclusive throughout all aspects of life.

What are your goals for 

Danielle Is Anxious in the next year?

Danielle Is Anxious is planning on hosting a curvy beach party this august, an inclusive celebration of body positivity and self love, especially for those with marginalized bodies. We're also planning a curvy clothing swap (with clothing sized 14 and up for women) in the fall. That's really my goal: to continually aim to create spaces (whether they be online or in person) where folks who are marginalized by society for one reason or the other feel safe and included and like they have a voice, and to keep pushing the definition of societal norms.

What should every woman try at least once in their life?

Walking a mile in someone else's shoes. As cliche as it sounds, these days, it feels like it is needed so much more.

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Kim McConaughy, Wellness Warriors - Petrolia, ON.
January 22, 2020

Kim McConaughy, Wellness Warriors - Petrolia, ON.

Your Local Girl Gang with Kim McConaughy from mental wellness warriors

How did your profession begin?

I only recently grew into my purpose as an Empowerment Coach for Mental Wellness Warriors after years of personal growth. I struggled with my own mental health for as long as I can remember and a few years ago I had no choice but to learn life-coping strategies. My own strength to show up has paved a path for others to walk with me, even on the days they think they can't, we work together to build them a foundation of daily rituals and mindset for mental wellness. It's where my heart is.

What are Mental Wellness Warriors?

A Mental Wellness Warrior is a testament to resilience in the face of mental illness. She is brave, she's a fighter and she's so f*ng strong. She has found the light through darkness and she's ready to rise. She's ready to show up for herself and for her life.”
And here I am.... coming

Can you explain to us what an Empowerment Coach is?

As an Empowerment Coach, I support women who have moved through the darkness of mental health and are stuck in the motions of the day to day to day, just existing. And that's not enough anymore, to just exist. I empower them to show up over and over again, even on the hard days. I help them rewrite the stories written in the darkness of mental illness and step into their power to know that they create their life.

Your coaching programs are called ‘Show Up for Yourself’ and ‘Create your Life’. What does showing-up each day mean and what does it mean to create your life?

Showing up every day means committing to the rituals and mindset that make you the greatest version of yourself. Creating your life means knowing that you have the power in every moment to choose the life you want to live, to live your life with intention and on purpose.

Who is one of your female role models & why?

Right now, I'm loving Rachel Hollis, author of Girl, Wash Your Face. I love her for her authenticity and her commitment to show up everyday for herself. It doesn't sound like a big deal until you actually step up and commit to feeling the way you want to feel and living the life you want to live. It's hard work. But it's so worth it.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

That I am an aspiring professional beach glass hunter, and that there was a season in my life that I didn't want to live and contemplated suicide.

What is your go-to relaxation/meditation routine?

I believe that the daily rituals we commit to for our own wellbeing are essential. My go-to is an early morning (I HATED mornings for 30 years!) walk, meditation, and journaling. I also love a nightly soak in the tub to wind down before bed.

What should every woman try at least once in her life?

Oooooh, good question. The first thing that comes to me is to take an intentional breath. To breathe on purpose and discover the power that comes with sitting in stillness with our breath.

Where can we begin to improve our mental wellness and what changes can we make day-to-day?

The first step is knowing the truth in that you are worth it and that the world needs you. If you don't see that, an appointment with your doctor and therapy is a great place to start. When you're ready, you can learn the changes you need to make and be supported through it and to find the support you need to drive yourself to show up for yourself and for your life. The day-to-day changes and motivation and accountablity to commit to improving our mental wellness is exactly what I support women in through the Show Up for Yourself www.kimmcconaghy.com/workwithme coaching program.”

What are your goals for the Mental Wellness Warriors Facebook community in the next year?

That's such a powerful and exciting question!! These women are my drive to keep showing up for myself so I can show up for them. They ignite a passion in me to inspire them to step into their own power... To keep showing up for themselves for their own lives.


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Imogen Lawer, Wave Aesthetics - Sarnia, ON.
January 22, 2020

Imogen Lawer, Wave Aesthetics - Sarnia, ON.

What is Immy’s Lash Lab?

With a focus on health and safety, Immy’s Lash Lab offers a wide array of services to help amplify ones’ natural beauty. Eyelash extensions, lifts and waxing services are all done with the utmost attention to detail and care in this home based beauty studio. Now offering Classic Lash Training Immy is determined to teach people interested in Lash Extensions the proper and safe techniques for application along with tips and tricks to becoming your own boss. Every service is performed according to the clients specific needs and desires, with the clients health in mind.

What inspired you to start a career in esthetics?

My career in esthetics was inspired mostly by my love of making people feel beautiful. My service focus mostly on enhancing natural beauty as opposed to changing ones features to look different. Seeing clients leave my studio feeling beautiful puts a smile on my face. In a day and age where everything we see online is fake, I think it is important as women we feel beautiful in real life – not just with filters!

Who is one of your female role models and why?

My Mum is my biggest role model, hands down. She is the strongest and most supportive woman I have ever met. Putting others needs before her own has always been her tactic to life. She has my back and supports everything I do, no matter the outcome. No matter what “knocks her down” in life she always gets back up and grows from it. I only hope I will have her care and resilience in my life.

What is your favourite part of your job?

My favourite part of my job, other than making people feel beautiful, is definitely the fact that I get to become friends with my clients and help them through things. As most estheticians, we somewhat take on a therapist role which I find extremely honoring. My clients put their trust in me and I am able to become someone they rely on which means the world.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

Though beauty plays a major role in my life/career and I love to help others feel beautiful, I rarely have time to pamper myself so I typically don’t get the chance to be on the receiving end of any beauty services!

What would you tell people who maybe have had a bad experience with lashes before or who maybe have never had them before and are a little hesitant to get them?

Lashes are NOT damaging if they are done by the right person. Doing your research when choosing a lash artist is extremely important and unfortunately, the time someone has been working and their price points don’t show their skill level. Just because someone has been certified for 10 years, doesn’t mean they have continued with their education and take care in their work. Word of mouth is the best way to find out if someone is following the correct procedures. All lash artist in Lambton County should be inspected by Lambton Public Health (legally) to ensure they are following proper disinfection procedures, so check you lash artist has this inspection! Also ensure they are actually certified, and don’t hesitate to ask questions. If they are doing what they should be, there should be no hesitation!

What does Girl Gang mean to you?

Girl Gang to me is a support system. A group of incredible women who support one another in their ventures with no sense of competitiveness or bitterness.

What are your goals for Immy’s Lash Lab in the next year?

In the next year I’m hoping to launch a Volume Training Course to go with my newly introduced Classic Training Course! Other than that there may be a couple new services added, but my main focus is now on training and ensuring my students get the best education possible!
What should every woman try at least once in their life?
Tacos & Travel

Aside from lashes, what is a daily must have for you?

Skin. Care. Routine. – SO IMPORTANT!

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