Rush Fitness Studio

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ABOUT rush fitness studio

Welcome to Rush!

Our 3500 square foot facility is where everything becomes possible. Where you push through any doubts, where you sweat, lift more, lean out, and build inner strength. This is what change and prioritizing yourself looks like. Where you become a part of our Rush Tribe and truly become the best version of you.

Just show up and let us do the thinking. Rush focuses on intervals and strength training combinations proven to lean and tone your body. We believe in a humble, non-judgmental, team environment which makes us unique to other facilities.

We are more than another group fitness studio and a pile of equipment. We always have two certified trainers supporting each class. Every day is a completely different workout, we take the time and effort to challenge our members to improve on their form and overall strength.

We focus on circuit time based functional training. Basically, multi joint compound movements, resistance exercises using body weight, free weights, plyometric equipment paired with self-propelled cardio equipment. We attempt to mimic the way the body was designed to move.

We offer classes seven days per week with over 30 classes to choose from. Come see us before work, after work, on your lunch break and even on the weekends. Each class will always be instructed by two certified trainers who will help give you that extra push. We have members of all ages, from 15 to 70+. Those with injuries or modifications can still sweat it out with us as our highly skilled staff is able to offer different exercise options to fit the member’s needs. We offer complimentary towels for each class and have a reverse osmosis filtered water system.


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