Operation YOU Academy

Operation YOU Academy

Teaching busy & burnt out women how to build strong bodies through movement, mindset & nutrition coaching so they can regain their power and confidence! OPYOU is a 2 tiered training system that's all about mindset, nutrition and movement coaching designed to bring strength, confidence and power back into the busy, burnt out, modern woman!

Developed by Stacey, a military veteran, fitness enthusiast and personal trainer, this 2-step process contains a curriculum designed to set your goals, adjust your mindset and get back into a routine, so that you can then advance to a higher level of fitness and nutrition. These signature programs were designed to help you elevate your goals and become that strong & powerful woman that you know is in there just waiting to be unleashed.

The professional knowledge in firefighting and the military has taught me that mindset is the #1 driving force behind whether or not you accomplish your goals. My main motivators are the women around me who are determined, strong and powerful but don't quite know how (or feel like they lack the time) to stay consistent and on top of their goals. I coach these women on how to be strong, how to change their mindset and how to create consistency plans that get them to a higher level of personal power and strength.



RESILIENCE - Mindset based program focusing on the importance of mind-body connection. We also focus on stressors, triggers, coping techniques and provide tools to help you through.

NUTRITION 101 - Nutrition based program teaching the basics of nutrition. Providing you with tools to use daily to create healthier habits, make healthier choices and ditch the diet for good!

RENU - Movement program. Details coming soon. 

* At-home programs available at opyouacademy.com 

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• Personal Training Specialist
• Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach
• Bodyshred Instructor )  
• PN1 Certified






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