Thank you for visiting Grounded Revival. Grounded Revival is a natural stone jewelry company based out of Alberta, Canada. Our handmade Tasbih prayer beads are inspired and created utilizing traditional eastern concepts to support the mind and soul. Our Tasbih’s, reimagined with a modern aesthetic, adopt the pace of nature to guide your journey of peaceful practice and daily intention-setting. Handmade with all-natural gemstones and beautiful silk thread to inspire your grounded intentions.

About Suzie

Hi, I'm Suzie, the founder and creator of Grounded Revival - Mind and Soul Jewelry. I started Grounded Revival to empower and support women in my community. Each piece that I sell contributes 5% of its purchase price to causes that support women either suffering from or recently freed from situations of domestic violence. Through Grounded Revival, it my desire to create accessible and beautifully crafted handmade prayer beads to help guide mindful living - an awareness and care for self, loved ones, and all living creatures that co-exist on our beautiful earth. It is my hope that as Grounded Revival continues to grow, it stays true to its purpose and its name.

My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together. - Desmond Tutu. 

What is a Tasbih?

Our Tasbihs are individually hand-knotted gemstone beads used as a tool to help you keep your focus and count in prayer and meditation. Tasbih prayer beads are meant to promote overall well-being, balance and protection and remind you to open your heart and mind, set your intentions, and inspire positive change. All of our handmade items are made with natural, semi-precious stones such as Turquoise, various Quartz (such as Amethyst), Onyx, Jasper, and Agate.

In the Press

Grounded Revival was awarded a spot for inclusion in the 2021 Cordillera International Film Festival VIP Swag Bag going to Filmmakers, Celebrities and Academy Members. We were also recently featured on Global News Canada and 630 CHED for reaching this amazing milestone! Since the festival, Grounded Revival was selected as official jeweler and invited to attend as a VIP guest and walk the red carpet for the 2022 Cordillera International Film Festival. The festival ranks in the top 100 of over 2000 globally reviewed festivals. As a champion of diverse voices and curator of independent stories for the screen, the Cordillera International Film Festival strives to showcase the best in film while providing an environment for emerging and established artists to create and thrive.