ABOUT Kanopé Fragrances

Kanopé offers a gender neutral, natural and artisanal perfumery. We work exclusively with essential oils and absolutes because we believe in the therapeutic power of the scents offered by Nature, and we are convinced that it is essential to use ingredients that respect health of each person and the environment. All our fragrances are designed, created and assembled in Montréal by hand around our core values: Authenticity, Creativity, Respect and Love Kanopé invites you to let your imagination run away and to dive into its original universe.


Sonia Limar Talec Hello, I am Sonia and I am the founder of Kanopé Fragrances, natural luxury perfumes to help you travel to new horizons while being respectful of your body and nature. Having worked for years in the perfume industry, I became aware of the impact of industrial ingredients on our health when I was afflicted with a major skin disease.

When I'm not translating a memory or a trip into a perfume, I love to travel the world and discover new cultures, meet new people. In my free time in beautiful Montreal, where I have been living for the past six years, I dance Zumba and I love to play with my two adorable cats. Launching this company was the dream of my life and I hope you'll enjoy the various universe I've designed and created in Canada. Olfactively yours,







Kanope Fragrances