My name is Fallon and I am the creator of Sunlashes! I started Sunlashes in March of 2020 when I (like most people) had a bit more time on my hands due to lockdowns. I am a self taught makeup artist and since all of my weddings and photo shoots were cancelled I had more time to play with makeup myself! I created the lashes because I was simply not loving any of my usual go to’s. 
I love all things beauty and glam. Which is funny if you know me since I spent majority of my younger and adult life on the farm with my horses. When I am not working my full time job or painting faces I am usually hiking with my boyfriend or spending time down on the beach! 


Sunlashes we’re created to be an affordable, reusable every day lash. I know many people who don’t love extensions and are looking for something that is high quality and long lasting for their lashes. Sunlashes currently has 3 distinct styles that suit every individuals preference! With proper care and cleaning, they can be worn up to 25 times! The thing I love about the lashes i’ve created is the band is sturdy, and the lashes are fluffy. They look expensive while being extremely affordable. They are easy to apply and add a beautiful look to any eye shape. We are also coming out with new styles in 2022.




Hamilton Beach, Ontario