Hot B*tch Bath Tea

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It's bath time for the babes. These hot bath tea bags are like being hugged in a mug, with our peachy vanilla scent of course. Even better when the all natural items inside won't be going down the drain. You might even be able to sell your bath water on Only Fans. 

How to: Steep with me! Simply steep 1 Bath Tea bag of your choice in bathwater with you. Relax and enjoy the natural aromatherapy & plant medicines. Ingredients: Epsom Salts, dried plant matter (herbs and flowers), essential oils. sels d’Epsom, matières végétales séchées, huiles essentielles. Compostable - Made from biodegradable ingredients.

3 pack tisane for the tub

Handmade in Trail British Columbia, Canada by Geti Cosmetics.